Member Schools

The Association accredits nonpublic schools in the State of Missouri. A school is defined as one with any combination of grades Kindergarten through grade 12 (e.g., grades one through eight, Kindergarten through grade three, grades five through eight, seven thought twelve, or nine through twelve, etc.)

Our schools have demonstrated that they have met the following criteria:

  • completed a self-study and evaluation of their educational programs (including an evaluative visit),
  • developed a viable and appropriate educational plan for improvement,
  • complied with the policy requirement of their sponsoring agencies,
  • met the educational standards of the Accrediting Association.

The Association also accredits elementary schools with the following programs:

  • Pre-school program – Preschool is defined as an educational program for three and four year olds where the principal is administratively responsible for the program.
  • Before and after school care program – These programs provide the service of before and/or after school care to school age students. The elementary school principal administers this program.

The Association accredits nonpublic Early Childhood Centers which serve any combination of children from six weeks through Kindergarten.

Special education schools and programs in the State of Missouri. A special education school or program services children with learning needs which are severe enough that they cannot be met in the regular classroom ( i.e., requires services of specialized teacher, smaller class size, etc.)