Re-Accreditation Process


Schools are re-accredited on an annual basis. It is the responsibility of accredited schools to file an Annual Report Form. These reports along with the annual dues are submitted to the school’s sponsoring agency or to the Association President for a non-affiliated school. An evaluation committee of the Missouri Chapter reviews all reports.  This committee recommends to the Board of Directors a specific accreditation status for each school. Upon approval at the annual meeting, accreditation is granted for the upcoming school year.

Deviation from Indicators

Individual schools may not deviate from the membership indicators, but may be permitted reasonable deviations from the improvement indicators, provided that substantial evidence shows that these deviations are justified and do not detract from a quality educational program. Such evidence needs to be accepted by both the sponsoring agency and the Board of Directors.

Deviations which are unacceptable are termed “cited violations.” Such citing of violations demonstrates non-compliance with the indicator(s) and represents a deficiency in the school program.

Ongoing School Improvement Process

Member schools are required to conduct a school improvement process at an interval designated by its sponsoring agency or the Association.

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Nonpublic School State Accrediting Associations