Admissions Process

Requirements for Schools Affiliated with a Sponsoring Agency

As a prerequisite to application, a school must:

  • conduct a self-evaluation.
  • host a site visit.
  • formulate a plan for improvement under the direction of its sponsoring agency.
  • address the Indicators for Membership for each standard to the satisfaction of the Association.


Schools that are affiliated with a sponsoring agency, when seeking membership, shall formally request admission through the chief administrator of their sponsoring agency (e.g., diocese, association).

The agency chief administrator shall send necessary information and materials to the school requesting membership.

The prospective member school shall declare its intent of becoming a member by submitting a completed Annual Report Form to the chief administrator of the sponsoring agency.

Requirements for Unaffiliated Schools

Schools not affiliated with a sponsoring agency shall adhere to the same requirements as affiliated schools. These schools shall work directly through the executive director of the Association.

The executive director of the Association shall provide non-affiliated schools with resources to attain the approved evaluation tools and processes.  Non-affiliated schools seeking membership shall submit a letter of formal request directly to the Association stating their intent.

A Chapter of the National Federation of
Nonpublic School State Accrediting Associations