Spotlight Schools

Each year MNSAA will spotlight schools going the extra mile
to serve the students in our schools of choice!

2017-18 School Year


School Name: St. Stanislaus School

Location of School: Wardsville, MO, Diocese of Jefferson City

Principal:  Mrs. Nancy Heberlie

Best Practice:  The Early Childhood (PreK) Program provides learning through play in a variety of settings with purposeful activities and materials. 

Briefly describe this best practice: 

Two classrooms are available; one for formal instruction and large group activities, one for well-defined theme areas that promote learning through play for small groups and individual exploration. 

Which Standard does this practice exemplify? 

10.G - Well-defined areas are provided where children can freely move about without interfering with one another’s activities. 

10.H - A variety and quantity of materials is accessible, so that all children can make choices independently. 

10.J - A variety of learning materials is available in the following areas: science, drama, housekeeping, construction, transportation, creative arts, language, library, manipulatives, blocks, fine and gross motor, and music and movement.